Strong Corporate Governance practices are an important feature of well-managed and sustainable organisations. As governance advisors we:

  • assess an organisation’s governance system and identify areas for improved adding of value;
  • suggest the appropriate alignment of the organisation with its strategic direction;
  • recommend adoption of sound governance practices; and
  • outline the core areas of Compliance.

Enterprise Care’s Governance Intelligence® Framework is for organisations seeking leading-edge governance solutions in a dynamic and complex operating environment. We outline value-adding opportunities and practical steps that Boards and organisations can adopt to deliver positive outcomes for their organisation.

We conduct appraisals, evaluations and reviews for Boards and the Directors. Our approach is flexible and works with the specific needs of the Board. We also have a range of proprietary survey tools that enhance our assessment.

Our reports offer pragmatic suggestions tailored to the challenges of the Board and intended to support improved Board performance.

Enterprise Care draws on a substantial database of performance metrics for Boards and can also offer benchmarking analysis.

Organisational review

When an organisation adopts a new strategic direction, undergoes a major shift in core business or appoints a new CEO, undertaking an organisational review is often the next step. This review allows the organisation to assess the appropriateness of current organisational structures and the capabilities of individual managers and staff, and facilitates restructures to maximise performance. Assessing staff satisfaction is also important, especially in times of change.

Enterprise Care’s consultants can conduct an effective staff satisfaction survey or a full and comprehensive organisation review depending on your organisation’s requirements.

Board review

The Board plays a key role in setting the strategic direction of the organisation and the monitoring of management. Small improvements in the Board’s performance can have a substantial positive impact on the effectiveness of the organisation. The reverse is equally true.

Enterprise Care’s consultants can conduct a comprehensive Board review that not only looks at the Board as a whole but also examines the contribution of individual Directors through a process of self and peer evaluation. This is an ideal way of identifying any skill gaps that need to be filled.

CEO review

The CEO is the organisation’s most crucially accountable employee. The CEO is responsible for implementing the vision and strategy of the Board. Reviewing the performance of the CEO can be challenging for the Board.

Enterprise Care’s consultants are able to undertake an externally facilitated process on behalf of the Board which not only reduces the administrative burden on the Chair but also provides a greater level of transparency and independence to the review. This is an important consideration, particularly if the feedback to the CEO is not in line with their expectations.

Director and Board training/coaching

Enterprise Care’s consultants are able to provide coaching for Directors and Boards to enhance leadership and decision-making skills.

  • understanding financial reports;
  • strategic thinking;
  • decision-making; and
  • Compliance and Risk Management.

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