Governance Intelligence® Whole-of-organisation Governance Audit

As the demand / need of greater connectedness with what is occurring within an organisation, leaders seek a solution which can equally inform everyone — from board of directors, MDs/CEOs, senior executives, staff, volunteers and stakeholders generally.

Everyone associated with an organisation in whatever role, can have an immediate and important impact on how an organisation performs and the nature each person’s own behaviour.

What is focussed on and how it is assessed and monitored really has an important place I stronger and more effective governance practices.

Enterprise Care starts with the premise that “Every person within your organisation is responsible for governance.” Accepting this means all leaders, inclusive of board members, directly impact the whole organisation’s performance via the practice of good governance. Everyone is to assume a participatory role as it is a universal story and a part of the whole-of-organisation perspective.

The purpose of Enterprise Care, through the intelligence of positive social impact, is to facilitate an organisation’s profitable transformation and achieve its sustainable high performance.

“Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.”
Lyndon B. Johnson

Whole Audit Image

The Governance Intelligence® Whole-of-organisation Governance Audit offers ready insights and the capability to positively effect change both at an individual and a group level, which operates from the acceptance of:

  • the interconnectedness of whole-of-organisation issues
  • the relationship between actions and consequences
  • the presence of positive and / or negative influencers
  • the extent and pace of change
  • the early warning signs of positive and / or negative outcomes
  • insights into patterns
  • Reveals probable levers of constructive actions

An organisation’s success includes executing according to the strategy plan as well as taking evasive actions which keeps it out of trouble. It readily enables the creation of new and future value to ensure the highest performance is achievable. This can be achieved even though the organisation will likely experience various changes in its competitive landscape, new technologies, new competitors, and changes to current and potential consumer preferences and behaviours. Every organisation needs to become an expert in being agile and ultimately resilient to be both profitable and sustainable.

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