Governance Intelligence® Pulse Audit

The Governance Intelligence® Pulse Audit are short probes to enable the organisation’s leaders to learn, understand, measure and benchmark various critical aspects of the organisation’s operations. Offering an excellent way of leaders keeping up-to-date and more informed of what’s occurring across various areas of the organisation in a timely manner.

A pulse audit is an excellent method to keep up-to-date with a dynamic and agile marketplace. It is a quick, efficient and timely way to quickly inform across simple and complex issues or challenges. Pulse audits are quick, easy, and informative. It requires minimum effort to participate but still generates valuable input and insight into key governance issues. This is a valuable opportunity to confirm what is the reality rather than moving forward on an opinion.

It could be done annually, quarterly, monthly, or weekly. It offers an instant insight into key governance aspects and enables prompt interventions before there is any negative impacts. Emerging issues can be identified more quickly, thus allowing the ‘best’ remedial actions to be applied in a timelier manner, then run a check as to whether the approach has been working successfully.

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