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While governance is often used as an umbrella term, often in its application it has descended into separate and siloed analysis and treatments. However, when governance is viewed as a wholistic practice for positively positioning an organisation’s chances of being successful, then it assumes a much more vital role.

The definition of a high-performance organisation - “A High Performance Organization is an organization that achieves financial and non-financial results that are exceedingly better than those of its peer group over a period of time of five years or more, by focusing in a disciplined way on that which really matters to the organization.” Andre de Waal – HPO Center.

Damien Smith considers boards of directors and leaders accept that good corporate governance practices do directly contribute to an organisation’s ongoing success.

Governance Intelligence® challenges current conventional wisdom with a new way of thinking about governance. It assumes a central and wholistic role as a critical driver of high performance and consistent positive successes.

The governance ownership is inclusive of everyone in an organisation, across all functions and operating units. Conventional wisdom continues to predominantly suggest that governance is the responsibility of a few; being associated with specific organisational functions – directors, governance practitioners, lawyers, finance, company secretaries, compliance, and internal audit.

It is only upon a realisation that governance ownership resides with everyone that is connected to the organisation, that it can be successfully executed and that higher levels of performance is achievable more consistently and with a greater degree of success.

Effective governance involves everyone understanding what their governance responsibilities are, being confident in doing their role, and whenever necessary being in a position that they can seek support and or guidance whenever necessary.

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