The Enterprise Care NfP Remuneration market data for multiple type roles, including that of the CEO needs to be evaluated and benchmarked on a regular basis.

Enterprise Care has undertaken 100’s of these assignments.

While each has its own particular aspects there is much that remains constant.

Our usual approach can comprise some or all of the following elements: -

  • Gain an understanding of the nature, size and complexity of the role
  • Review job descriptions
  • Assess current KPIs
  • Determine appropriate Enterprise Care NfP Remuneration market data
  • Develop pay ranges for each level
  • Plot where existing individuals are within their relevant band
  • Deliver written report which includes detailed analysis and recommendations
  • Identify future management of salaries going forward.

The Enterprise Care NfP Remuneration Report remains the most comprehensive and valuable salary guide.

Importantly also in today’s climate, you can confidently establish your internal foundation for internal equity and achieve a basis for a defensible compensation system.

Don’t leave this important area of an organisation’s governance to chance. Contact Enterprise Care to discuss your salary and remuneration plans now.

Our services include: salary reviews and benchmarking; remuneration and benefits; enterprise bargaining; job design and evaluation; strategic HR reviews and HR advisory services.

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