Enterprise Care is pleased to announce a new and exciting program that guarantees improved Board Performance. The Board Booster Program incorporating our unique Peer Conversation® has been developed by Damien Smith to assist todays boards navigate the complex and critical issue of effective governance.

Why should your Board undertake the Board Booster Program?

Enterprise Care’s Board Booster Program incorporating our unique Peer Conversation® guarantees your Board’s higher productivity and greater confidence in being directly engaged in the achievement of the organisation’s purpose’.

The Program will reveal insights into the core elements of Board Performance. High performing Boards leave nothing to chance. Their Directors act now and guarantee the Board’s contribution will continually and positively impact the organisation’s success.

The approach used in Enterprise Care’s Board Booster Program incorporating our unique Peer Conversation® ensures all core elements of governance effectiveness are addressed. This guarantees that each director becomes a more valuable contributor to the Board’s performance.

What outcomes can your Board expect?

After undertaking Enterprise Care’s Board Booster Program incorporating our unique Peer Conversation® your board can expect the following outcomes:

  • Clarity on the roles of directors and the board as a whole
  • Strengthening of the Board’s understanding of business operations
  • Identification of the gaps in the Board’s expertise, information and or knowledge
  • Accelerated decision-making
  • Adoption of a more holistic and integrated approach to governance
  • Identification of process management improvements
  • Greater sense of purpose and confidence
  • And much more

How is the Board Booster Program delivered?

The team at Enterprise Care works closely with your Board to ensure there are clear insights into the powerful practical nature of governance; and how the key elements of participating, monitoring, overseeing, contributing, and integrating of positive dynamics, behaviours, and culture, guarantee your Board’s improved operations, experiences, and ultimately value impact.

The Board Booster Program has five (5) phases:

  • Your Launching Pad
  • Board Dynamics
  • Operationally Speaking
  • Your Booster Map
  • Check In/Check Up

This unique program requires face-to-face time with directors of nine (9) hours. Typically, the program is delivered over a one and a half-day (1½ day) period; or over three (3) separate session of three (3) hours each, which are conducted over an 8 - 12-week timeframe. Enterprise Care is mindful of your Board and the individual Directors commitments and availability. We can generally accommodate your specific needs and schedule your Board Booster Program accordingly.

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